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Care Management & Consultation


Premier Post-Acute Care Program

As readmission rates to acute care settings continue to be a concern, Care Assurance has developed a supportive care program that allows seniors to receive the care and attention that is needed after hospitalization. Our post-acute care program works in harmony with other care services that are often provided by skilled, medicare services. This program offers the advantages of service flexibility, as a self-funded program, you are able to tailor and create an optimum recovery experience that will allow you to stay out of the hospital longer and reduce acute care cost. 

The post-acute program starts before the discharge process. Our care team will meet with you either in person or over the telephone to discuss what your current care status is any pending update. Care Assurance, with your approval, will then speak with your acute care discharge team to initiate the discharge process. Once you are discharged you will receive a visit from your Care Assurance transitions team which will include a care manager and home care coordinator to conduct an extensive assessment of your care needs and to initiate your agreed-upon plan of care. Care is then initiated and services begin,  you will receive weekly visits from your care manager and scheduled visits from our home care team based on your care needs and request. Midway through the program, you will receive an assessment call from our Clinical Nurse Supervisor who will review your past and current care needs and answer any questions you may have. 

Additional Services: 

  • Service Coordination (i.e. coordination of skilled services such as home health, hospice, therapies)

  • Healthcare Education & Counseling

  • Pharmacy Run (Medication Pick-up post-discharge)

  • Medication Education

  • Schedule & Escort to post-discharge appointments

  • Access to our state of the art telehealth and PERS service

  • Customized services based on individual needs


Chronic Care Management

The Chronic Care Management program is a great extension of the 30 Day Post-Acute Care program. For some clients, 30 days of extensive oversight is not enough and due to critical, chronic illnesses they require long-term care management. Our chronic care management program is ideal for those that have the following types of illnesses: 

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Disease/CHF

  • COPD and other lung diseases

  • Hypertension

  • History of stroke/CVA

  • Dementia 

  • Chronic Falls

  • Other chronic illnesses

If you would like to determine if chronic care management is a good fit for you, contact us today!


Additional Services

Care Assurance offers individual services for those that are in need of specific areas of support. Our additional services include: 

  • Comprehensive Care Assessment

  • Financial Assessment

  • Benefit Procurement Support (VA Benefits, Medicaid, Medicare)

  • Support with bill/expense review, payment arrangement set up & dispute

  • Referral and service coordination for personal, financial, and household needs