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Care Assurance - the leading provider of care management, senior living concierge and post-acute care.

About Care Assurance

Care Assurance is owned and operated by Dina Shepherd who is a former practical nurse and holds advanced education and experience in healthcare management. Dina holds over 20 years of healthcare experience with 18 of those years as a geriatric nurse serving in various capacities but always in care management and service coordination leadership roles. Dina noticed the importance of progressive senior care services and developed a concept to serve and support the local aging community and fellow providers that serve the same community. Care Assurance was founded in 2017 with the continuous goal to provide seniors and their families with the option to make choices, have independence but to receive expert support and care while navigating through the aging and healthcare process. 

After being the adult child caregiver for her mother, Dina understood and appreciated the extra value a care manager offers to the care team. Having identified the need and value of a "community like" approach to care, the Care Assurance program offerings continued to grow and develop to meet critical needs. 

Care Assurance offers a variety of services through a person-centered care approach. We take the time to get to know each individual and their support system so that we can become an extension of that system of support. 

Our care management team consisting of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Clinical Social workers each hold professional experience and a strong passion for serving seniors that are needed to provide remarkable care. In addition to their basic skill set, each team member of Care Assurance understands the unique aging care needs of people ages 65 years of age and older. 

"The Care Assurance Way"

Care Assurance continuously fosters a culture of innovative care management, a person-centered care approach through quality, individualized care and a collaborative approach to maintain a strong continuum of care and to work as one team. 

"What Sets Us Apart?"

Although care management is still a younger concept within the healthcare industry, care management services are on the rise. Care Assurance stands out from the rest due to our exceptional programs and experienced, clinical team collaborative approach. Our services are desired to provide both short term and long term support. In addition, Care Assurance understands that quality is key, both quality of life and quality in services. Regardless of the services received, with our partnership our clients will receive the holistic support and oversight that will allow them to develop and maintain an exceptional quality of life. 

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